Last Few Days – Episode 20

The trip is quickly coming to an end. Four weeks have flown by and we only have a few remaining days to explore and enjoy Vancouver. There is a list of things we still want to do and are going to have to make some tough decisions on what we will be able to fit in. We can’t do it all, but will make the best of our last few days.

Episode 20:

The main attraction we decided to visit on our second last day is the Vancouver Police Museum. It sounds like an odd choice and we were a little unsure but as soon as we got there we were happy with the decision. It wasn’t a necessarily huge museum, but it felt like they jammed a lot of interesting exhibits into the space they had.

There is information on the early days of the Vancouver police, exhibits on murder cases, an old morgue turned into an exhibit and more current information on confiscated weapons and the gang problem in Vancouver. We easily spent a few hours in there exploring and learning about the Police force and would recommend a visit.

For our very last attraction of the trip we decided on something to celebrate Canada. We’ve been eyeing this one for the whole trip and finally decided to give it a try. It’s located at Canada Place, where all the cruise ships come and go and was a sort of cross between amusement ride and movie. The premise is that you get flown over various Canadian landscapes and locations and are jostled about in your seat to heighten the experience. Me being me though got motion sick and had to close my eyes for many of the scenes, or at least parts of the scenes. I didn’t get to enjoy it to it’s fullest, but what I did see blew me away. Nicole was raving about it afterwards as she got to enjoy the whole show, not being inflicted with the same sensitivity to motion as I. Another highly recommended attraction, this one with a warning though. Beware if you’re sensitive to motion as I am.

And of course we threw in a ton of food on our last few days. From a Hokkaido style ramen shop, to a funky cafe for a caffeine fix, to a hot dog shop inspired by Japan. We definitely ate well on our last few days in Vancouver.

Come along and experience these sights and foods in our second last episode.


There were several locations featured in this episode

  • Vancouver Police Museum – A really well presented museum on the history of the Vancouver police.
  • Hokkaido Ramen Santouka – Delicious ramen based on Hokkaido varieties.
  • Chicco Japanese Dessert Cafe (CLOSED!) – I disgusted Nicole with my choice of dessert at this little shop. Unfortunately it seems to have closed permanently.
  • Japadog – A cool little shop selling hot dogs with toppings inspired by Japan. I believe this place started as a hot dog cart.
  • Nelson the Seagull – A really funky cafe doing a great flat white. The place is large and airy with really cool decor.
  • New Town Bakery – An amazing find in Chinatown, although hard to miss with it’s giant steamer basket and buns over it’s entrance.
  • FlyOver Canada – An experience for the senses, a mix between an amusement ride and movie, you’ll be treated by spectacular vistas of Canada as you fly overhead.
  • Samurai Japanese Restaurant – Another small sushi restaurant with excellent quality fish and very generous portions.

Thanks for watching/reading!

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