Day in the Life – Episode 19

Normally we show you just the highlights of our day working remotely. Living in Vancouver working for a company in Toronto gives me great flexibility timezone wise, getting my work done in the morning, being able to close the laptop around 2pm to go our exploring. And that’s where we generally pick up the camera, as we head out the door for some planned late afternoon/evening activity. Well in this 2 part episode we thought it’d be fun to show you a little more of our day.

Episode 19 Part 1:
Episode 19 Part 2:

Some people, myself included, really enjoy being a fly on the wall. Seeing the details of someone’s life which most would likely find uninteresting. With that in mind I set out to attempt to create this sort of video, one which shows you the mundane details of our day. Something I’d enjoy watching, and I hope some of you as well.

If this doesn’t sound like your cup of tea then please stay tuned for our normal content starting up again with episode 20.

To give you a bit of a taste of what to expect, here is a brief synopsis of the episode.

Episode 1 follows mainly me (Mike) around during my morning of working. Getting out of bed, getting ready for the day, making that first all too important cup of coffee and opening up the laptop.
What time do I get up? What do I have to do to get ready to start working? How do I prepare my coffee in the morning? Where do I work? What does my setup look like?

These are the kind of questions I would find interesting to have answered for some of my favourite fellow YouTubers. I love seeing how people live and how they conduct their days. I could see how to some this would be extremely boring, but for whatever reason I love it.

By the end of episode 1 the day is transitioning from work to fun, but we’re not out of the condo yet! Still have lunch to make and a workout to get in.

Episode 2 sees the fun day really start to take over. On this day I decided to head back into Stanley Park to try and capture some cruise ships leaving the harbour. You get a little behind the scenes of how I shoot my time-lapse shots, and hear way to many thoughts in my head. Nicole wasn’t feeling too great so she stayed closer to home.

But don’t worry, we meet up for dinner for another sushi extravaganza and a walk back home through downtown Vancouver.

Thanks for indulging me, and we hope you enjoy this different type of episode!


There were several locations featured in this episode

Part 1

Part 2

  • Bike Sharing Station – Closest station for the bike sharing service to Stanley Park.
  • Stanley Park – A large green space with a ton of activities and things to see. It’s home to the Vancouver Aquarium, the famous Totem Poles and the Nine O’Clock Gun just to name a few.
  • Momo Sushi – Another amazing sushi restaurant in Downtown Vancouver.
  • Konbiniya Japan Centre – A cool place to checkout right beside Momo Sushi full of items that would make any Japanophile nostalgic.

Thanks for watching/reading!

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