We’re Getting Smarter – Episode 17

The long weekend has been a busy one, definitely feeling like a looong weekend. For Monday, our long weekend bonus day, we decided to keep it chill and low-key and recharge a little bit. We were headed into our last week in Vancouver and wanted to make sure we’d have the energy to close out our trip with a bang. Not to mention I still had 4 work days for the rest of the week.

Episode 17: https://youtu.be/nOEes4VCWaQ

Something that was on our list to checkout if time permitted was Science World. It was close to home, a short walk and something we could visit in a few hours. It met the bill for keeping it low-key.

Maybe we’re a little odd, but we love science museums, even if they tend to be a little more geared to a younger crowd. Maybe it’s a little nostalgic for us, reliving those school trips to Toronto’s Science Centre. We’ve never walked away disappointed, always finding something fun to do as well as sparking the mind.

Vancouver’s Science World is no exception to these general rules. It was definitely geared towards a younger crowd, with lots of fun hands-on exhibits tricking the kids to learn. We did feel a little nostalgic and had fun exploring. And we did learn a few things.

Of all the exhibits they had on display we both agreed that the Made In Canada one was our favourite. It was interesting learning about the various inventions the world can thank Canada for. Some we obviously knew, like the telephone, but many we did not. What were those surprises you ask? You’ll have to checkout the episode to find out!


There were several locations featured in this episode

  • Science World – Vancouver’s science museum full of hands-on exhibits. While geared towards a younger crowd those young at heart will have a fun afternoon as well.

Thanks for watching/reading!

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